22 May 2012

Applicants UNRELEASED in the practice room

Ever wondered what Applicants would sound like without any words?

Found from Applicants vaults (Jeffrey's folder on her computer which she never checks)



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8 June 2011

Back in 2007...we had LONG straws

I don't remember reading this review of our gig at Old Blue Last. I was quite impressed & from what I remember it was very much a lot of fun.

I don't really remember the long straws at this particular gig (must've had some in my pocket), but I do remember from childhood, taking loads of straws from McDonalds & making an EXTRA long straw to drink from far far away.

I guess I was trying to re-live that moment but on a more adult level.

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6 April 2011

Malaysia Image No. 2

This is, Malaysia No. 2:

The first night in: jetlag. Jeremy picked us up from the airport & settling in meant none other than pub, beer & cigarettes.

interesting fact: leo fender, inventor of the fender guitars, never learned how to play guitar. he was an accountant that lost his job during the great depression.

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5 April 2011

Malaysia Image No. 1


So i thought i would give this a try, have a blog with threads reaching more than one. I will try & attempt to post-up a picture each day regarding our Malaysia trip & hopefully write something illuminating about each of them. Perhaps if there isn't much, I shall attempt at some little fact that is fairly interesting for the soul. Enjoy.

This is, Malaysia No. 1:

So, what is there to say about this pic? It was hot & a sweaty evening in Kuala Lumpur & I think if my memory serves me right, we were just about to go & have a search for some lovely vittles. yes. vittles. I think compositionally, this image depicts a sense of camaraderie. Fidel is holding a map. This was the first night we were there & our sense of direction was circular as it later panned out.

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22 March 2011

Nessun Dorma

Here's a very lo-fi recording of three of us (Jeff was ill) playing a cover of Nessun Dorma last night.

We originally did this in the "Indie World Cup" in Highbury last summer. We got kicked out in the first round.

It ends abruptly as it got too loud and the phone I was recording it on gave up the ghost

Applicants Nessun Dorma by adamboult

17 March 2011

Nambucca Gig CANCELLED Monday March 21st 2011

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you guys know, some things have come up and we're no longer playing this gig on Monday at Nambucca! So, thanks for everyone that were going to come and all the replies! Instead, just look at this lovely picture and come on down next time to the raucous caucus!

Applicants will get a gig together soon and it'll be awesome!!

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7 March 2011

the many faces of applicants

Seeing that we don't really have that many updated photos of us, Paul suggested I used my new camera to do just that. Before the gig at the Buffalo Bar on the 22nd of February, I took these snaps (with the help of Paul's picture of me). Look at these stylish mugs!

More pictures to come soon!! swoon!

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ps the camera's not bad either